There are no perfect combinations in football, but there are perfect numbers! โ€“ Chelsea transfer analysis

Chelsea has been in the middle of the transfer market for several years now. The previous season, the Blues were in the Champions League zone, but lost to Bayern Munich in the final. This summer, the club has been trying to strengthen the position of the team in the Premier League, but failed.
At the beginning of the season, Chelsea was in the second position of its group, but the team was defeated by Liverpool in the first round. In the second round, the team lost to Manchester City, but then recovered and became the second in the standings.
In the current season, it is clear that the club needs to strengthen its position in the table, because the team has a lot of problems. The main problem of the Blues is the lack of motivation. The team is not playing well, and the players are tired of the struggle for the title.

The main transfer that Chelsea needs to do is to strengthen their defense. The club has a number of players who are already at the level of the leaders. However, the main problem is that the players have not yet become more stable.
The club needs a new goalkeeper, and this is why the goalkeeper market is so popular. The price of the position is very high, but it is worth it.
Chelsea transfer news: the main transfers of the summer
The summer of 2017 was a busy period for Chelsea. The players were able to make transfers, and it was a good opportunity for them to show their skills.
Among the transfers that the Blues made, there is a good example of how they strengthened the position in their team.
First, the goalkeeper was bought by a young player from the youth team of the club. The player is named Lukaku. The goalkeeper has a good level of skills, and he is able to become a leader in his own right.
However, the player has not yet been able to prove himself in the Chelsea team. The first matches of the new goalkeeper have not been successful, and his level of playing has not increased.
Another transfer that the team made was a defender. The young player is called Kepa. The defender has a high level of skill, and is able not only to defend the position, but also to make a good pass.
There is a high demand for defenders in the market, and Lukaku is a perfect example of this. The Chelsea player has already played for the club for several seasons, and has already become a good goalkeeper.
This transfer is a positive step in the development of the development in the team. However the goalkeeper position is not the only problem of Chelsea.
Will the club be able to compete for the champion title?
The current season is very difficult for the team, because it has a long list of problems that the fans and experts are expecting from the team:
1. Lack of motivation
2. Lackadaisical playing
3. Inefficiency of the transfers
The team is in the third position of their group, and in the last round, it lost to Liverpool. The fans and analysts are expecting a lot from the club, but they are not sure if they will be able compete for gold medals.
If the team does not find the motivation to compete, then it will be very difficult to fight for the championship.
So far, the fans have not seen the best of Lukaku, but he is a promising goalkeeper who can become a great leader. The other defender is a young and promising player. Kep is a very good defender, but needs to improve his game.
It is obvious that the goalkeeper needs to be strengthened, and Chelsea has a great opportunity to do this.
Main transfers of Chelsea in the summer of 2018
In summer 2018, the Chelsea transfer market was quite active. The most successful transfers were the signings of Eden Hazard and Willian. The Belgian winger was bought for a record price of 7 million euros.
He has already scored a lot for Chelsea, and now he is the main player of the squad. The transfer of Hazard is a great success for the Blues. The midfielder was bought to strengthen an already strong position in Chelseaโ€™s lineup.
Hazard is able make a number 10 position, which is a real problem for the position. The position of a number ten is very important, because this position is the most important in the lineup. The number ten position is also the most difficult position in football.
Many players have already played in the position and are able to show themselves, but Hazard is the only one who has a chance to become the leader of the lineup of the Chelsea. He is able, among other things, to make good passes and to score goals.
Also, the transfer of Willian is a success for Chelsea because the player is able now to show his skills in the field. The Brazilian midfielder was purchased for a price of 4 million euros, and was bought not only for his skills, but for his character.
After the transfer, the position will be strengthened and will be a real leader of Chelseaโ€.
How to watch the matches of Chelsea?
Chelsea is a team that is always ready to fight and will not give up. The current season has already shown that the squad of the London club is not at the best, but is ready to compete with the best.

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