Who should start in goal for Real Madrid in La Liga?

The start of the new season of the Spanish championship has brought a lot of surprises. In addition to the obvious favorites, there are also several teams that have already managed to show their best game.
It is now much easier to follow the results of the matches of the main Spanish clubs. It is enough to open the website of sports statistics to be aware of the latest news.
The new season has brought several surprises, and the main goal for the main favorites is to win La Liga.

The first matches of La Liga have already shown that Real Madrid is the team that will be able to challenge the leaders of the standings. The team has already managed not only to win, but also to take the lead in the standings, which is a great result.
However, it is not all good news for the team. The main problem of the team is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of playing in the Champions League, and they want to win the Spanish Championship.
This is why the team has not been able to demonstrate its best game for several matches. However, this does not mean that it will not be able win La liga.
In the new year, the main question for Real is whether it will be possible to win back the title. The club has a lot to prove, and it is still unclear whether it can successfully defend the title in the next season.
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La Liga table of the teams’ chances of winning the title
The season of La ligue has already shown us that the main favorite of the championship is Barcelona. The Catalans have already won the Champions Cup, and now they are ready to fight for the title of the strongest club in the world.
Barcelona has a great lineup, which can be seen in the table of its chances of getting the title:
* Lionel Messi;
* Jordi Alba;
* Sergio Busquets;
* Cesc Fabregas.
These players are the main leaders of Barcelona, and their absence will be a serious problem for the Catalans.
Real Madrid is also a main contender for the champion title. However it is clear that the team needs time to get used to the new situation.
Now, the team’s main problem is the bad results in the first half of the season. The first matches showed that the players are not ready to play at their maximum level.
Also, the club needs time for the players to get accustomed to the style of playing of the coach Zinedine Zidane.
There are also rumors that Zidanes’ departure from the team will affect the results. However this is not true, as the club has already started to win again.
All the latest La Liga results on the sports statistics website
The team has a good lineup, and this is a good thing for the club. However the team still needs time, and there are still some problems that need to be solved.
One of the most important problems is the poor results in La lle, which has already affected the results in all the major competitions of the country.
At the moment, Real Madrid has a very good lineup. The problem is that the club lacks motivation, and many players are already tired of the Champions league.
If we talk about the main contenders for the victory in the championship, the table below shows the results:
1. Barcelona
2. Atletico
3. At the end of the table, Real Sociedad.
4. At this moment, Valencia.
5. At that time, Sevilla.
6. At present, Valencia again.
In addition to Messi, the Catalons have a good line-up. The only problem is their lack of experience.
On the other hand, the players of Barcelona are not the only ones who can cause problems for Real. The list of the leaders includes:
· Sergio Ramos;
·3. Sergio Ramos.
·4. Sergio Busquet.
Each of these players has his advantages, but the main advantage of the latter is his experience. The Spanish player has already played in the team for several years.
Many fans are already looking forward to the next year, when the team can once again demonstrate its maximum.
Will Real Madrid be able not only win La Ligue, but will the team be able once again to demonstrate the best game?
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Latest results of LaLiga
The current season of Spanish football has already brought a number of surprises, which have already affected La Liga table.
Among the main surprises are the following:
• Real SocIEDad;

•2. Barcelona;
3, Atletico.
We will see whether the team of Zinedin Zidani will be the main contender to win gold medals.
For the Catalonian team, the season has already been quite successful.

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