Why Man Utd should keep Zlatan Ibrahimovic past 2017/18 season?

Manchester United are the most successful team in the Premier League, and they have won the title for the last time in 2013. They have also been in the Champions League for a long time. They are the main contenders for the title again this season.
However, they are not the only team that can challenge the leaders of the English Premier League. This is the reason why the club is also in the middle of the standings.
The reason for this is the fact that the team has a lot of problems, which can be solved in the next season. It is worth noting that the club has a number of players who can become the leaders in the future.
Among the main ones of the team are:
1. Zlatane Ibrahimovic. The Swede is the main star of the club, and he is still the main player of the lineup. He is still able to decide the fate of the match in a few seconds.
2. Anthony Martial. The Frenchman is one of the main stars of the United team. He has already scored a lot in the season, and his future is bright.
3. Marcus Rashford. The young player has already become a key player of United. He can be a key to the team’s success in the long run.
4. Martial. He already has a good understanding with the team leaders.
5. Pogba. The player has become a great player in the team.
It is worth highlighting that the player has a contract with the club that will end in 2022. This means that he will become a free agent in the summer of 2023.
Will the team be able to compete with the leaders once again?
The answer to this question depends on the results of the upcoming matches. However, it is worth mentioning that the players of the Mancunian club have a lot to improve. For example, the following problems should be solved:
* poor results in the matches with the strongest teams;
* lack of motivation of the players;
* the team is not able to find the right balance between the attacking and defensive positions.
In the current season, the team lost a lot, which is another reason to keep the player.

However the main problem of the squad is the lack of experience. The players have already played in the first team for several years, which means that they have already experienced many matches.
There are also a lot more matches ahead, which will help the team to improve its results.
Main rivals of Manchester United in the current championship
The current season is the first time that Manchester United is competing against the main rivals of the championship. This competition is especially interesting, because the team can not only win the title, but also become a real contender for the European Cup.
This is the case with the following clubs:
Β· Liverpool;
Β·2. Manchester City;
3, Chelsea.
All these teams are in the top three of the current tournament. However they are far from the top of the league table.
Manchester City has a very good squad, and it is able to win the championship, which has not been done for several seasons. The main rival of the Citizens is Liverpool, who is considered as the best team in Europe.
At the same time, the Reds have a number problems, too. For instance, they have a long bench, which makes it difficult for the team not to play the best players.
Chelsea also has a long list of problems. The team has not won the championship for several times, and the main reason for it is the failure to find a good balance in the lineup of the whole team. In addition, the Blues have a serious lack of leaders, which affects the results. However the team still has a chance to win it.
How can the team become a contender for European Cup?
This season, Liverpool has a serious chance to become a serious contender for winning the European cup. The Reds have the following advantages:
β€’ long bench;
β€’ strong lineup;
1, good results. The lineup of Liverpool is the best in the world. The squad includes the best performers of the Premier league. The club has an excellent bench, and every player is able play in the starting lineup.
Due to this, the club can play a long tournament distance. This allows the team members to rest and be ready for the next match.
Liverpool is also the main contender for victory in the EPL. The following factors can help the club to achieve this:
● good lineup;
● long bench.
For example, in the last season, Chelsea had a long lineup, which made it difficult to find an effective rotation.
Another reason for the success of Liverpool in the English championship is the good teamwork of the entire team. This can be seen in the fact, that the Reds are able to play almost perfectly even when the players are tired.
Many people have already said that the current campaign is a turning point for the club. The fact that it is possible to compete against the leaders is another evidence of this.
Where can the Reds lose points in the championship?
In addition, it should be mentioned that Liverpool has the best squad in the league. This makes the team very dangerous, because other teams have a much weaker lineup.

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